We make it happen in Utrecht at Rotsoord 17. Sybrand’s Place is the nerve center of our digital activities. Here, we build innovative ideas to help our customers. Both the location and Sybrand’s Place’s offer loads of inspiration to creative minds.

    In our old, industrial building we develop tomorrow’s solutions. At Sybrand’s Place, we hone our craft and make our mark. Actions speak louder than words. And by our actions, we boost the level of e-commerce solutions. We set our standards high in order to get better every time. Sybrand’s Place’s building is open and transparent; a great metaphor for how we work as a team. We offer you everything you need to excel. You can reach us by public transport and have lunch in one of the many nice restaurants nearby. Our office is located close to the historic center of Utrecht city.

    Sybrand’s Place is a hub for digital thinkers who roll up their sleeves every day and obtain the best results possible. Feel free to visit us. Hang with us. We’re always open. We are always open.


We have a sharp eye for today’s developments and tomorrow’s challenges. We dare say we are a chip of the old block. Back in 1926 Gerrit Sybrand Pelt, the founder of Stiho, set the standards for customer service. He knew more than anyone what his customers needed, even before they knew it themselves. By eliminating ancillary matters for them, Gerrit added value for his clients. His business was located in the center of Utrecht, right below de Winkel van Sinkel, along the canal.

90 years have passed and actually, not much has changed. Like Gerrit, we believe we can help our customers to work more efficient. To make their work easier for them. And to have more fun. That’s why we’ve started Sybrand’s Place.


Are you a nineties kid, like us? Great, ‘cause then we don’t need to explain what it’s like to play hard.
And to work hard. Because that’s what it takes to develop innovative ideas, apps and solutions for our customers in construction.
We also work hard to develop our own talents. That requires full dedication and sometimes a little blood, sweat and tears.
Together, we make it happen. And when it happens, we celebrate our successes. Big time. You know what we mean?

Max van der Helm


Who is he? Max van der Helm

Role within the team? As an integration specialist I am resposible for the data flows between the e-commerce platform, back-end legacy systems and customers. Key ingredients: performance en reliability.

Tags? Energy, analytical, walk the talk, creative, motivated, team.

What makes you work hard? When nobody believes it can be done, I do everything in my power to make sure it CAN be done. I translate the needs of our customers in technical solutions. Big challenges make me happy. And hey, when I have solved the puzzle with my team, we sit back and relax and be proud of ourselves.

What makes you tick? My roots are in Zuid-Holland, where all the hard working dock workers are. I have the same mentality: deeds, not words. By the way, I converted my hobby into my work. I always have a few ‘home projects’, like home-automation, RPI and Arduino of course. I clear my head by geocaching and model aircraft flying. Keeps me totally relaxed.

Michael van Leeuwen


Who is he? Michael van Leeuwen

Role within the team? Searcher & finder a.k.a. recruiter. Finding that one person that is perfect for the job at Sybrand’s Place really gives me a kick.

Tags? Searching for energy and energizing, team player to the max, positive and people-driven.

What makes you work hard? Long term and sustainable work relationships are my goal. Always have been. It’s great if the team, after a year or so, just proves to be right. I want people to enjoy their work and be successful in what they do. Success is created by craftsmanship, willingness, passion and happiness. I’m willing to work hard for that. Most recruiters only scan resumes. And bam, they suddenly have a match. I don’t believe in working that way. I want to know who you really are. And be sure you fit in Sybrand’s Place’ culture: they alway get the most out of people. But hey, you also get the best employer in return.

What makes you tick? Amsterdam is my home town. All my loved ones live in the capital of the Netherlands. My work makes me happy. I have a boundless interest in the people and the world around me. Those who look good, discover something new every day.

Dick de Bruijn


Who is he? Dick de Bruijn

Role within the team? Technical challenges can never be too challenging. That’s the reason for becoming a back-end developer.

Tags Analytical, go getter, challenges, curious, motivated.

What makes you work hard? Difficult hurdles? Insurmountable obstacles? Give it to me! I am determined to solve every problem. Extremely complex issues are there to overcome.

What makes you tick? The more I am outside, the happier I am. The polder landscape in Zuid-Holland is my home. Give me a pair of rubber boots and a meadow and you make my day.

Ruvar Spauwen


Name: Ruvar Spauwen

Rol within the team: as a Front-end developer my main focus are the webshops of our formulas. I optimise the user experiece together with the designer and PO's. The nice thing about front-end development is there are a lot of variety, you keep on learning (especiallly with modern web apps) and you quickly see your results in the browser. Having said that, I also like to work on the back-end and with databases. Lucky there is enough space within our SCRUM-team to do that.

Tags: eye for detail, versatile, reliable, analytical, inquisitive and critical.

What makes you work hard? A sustainable work environment with nice colleagues who challenge and respect eachother. A place where you work on a variety of complex, well thought through projects. Also a space where you can make mistakes and can tackle problems, in such a way that you can keep going home with a good feeling in the long term. I like to see "the office" also as a second home.

What makes you tick? I have been living in Utrecht for the past 10 years, but I was raised in Nijmegen. As a fanatic road cylcist (currently: "nice weather cyclist") I loved it out there, because it has many different landscapes. The busy "Randstad" isn't really my cup of tea, but luckily Utrecht also has some lovely quieter spots where you can cycle through the "Heuvelrug". In the future I'd like to live closer to nature. Maybe abroad, who knows?


Paul van Leeuwen


Who is he? Paul van Leeuwen

Role within the team: Digital Data Analyst - I answer the questions that product owners throw at me. I do this by clearly defining business problems, making them measurable, and I'll keep on looking at the data until I've dug up clear insights or efficient solutions. 

Tags: Curious, eager to learn, sceptical, rational and flexible. 

What makes you work hard? I like to challenge someone's point of view, by diving into data and giving them new insights. Call it 'alternative facts'...

What makes you tick? Music! Everything that has to do with it, really. Both listening to the latest work of bands like the Arctic Monkeys, the Black Keys and Current Swell, as playing the drums, guitar and bass myself. Music lets me forget everything for a moment, but it can also bring me in a certain mood. 

Safayar Ahmed


Who is he? Safayar Ahmed 

Role within the team? As a back-end developer, my job is to create, update and maintain processes that will help our customers to have the best e-commerce experience. 

Tags? Agile, problem solver, cheerful, easygoing, resourceful. 

What makes you work hard? Challenge myself to solve hard problems, accomplishing the team's goal together, those are all the reasons I have become a software engineer. 

What makes you tick? Game night with Pizza, or quiet day with books, that's all I need to recharge myself for the next challenge in my life.

Dinah Siebers


Who is she? Dinah Siebers

Role within the team? Front-end developer

Tags? Creative, problem solver, eager to learn, assertive, open

What makes you work hard? Learning new concepts and fixing or building things that first seemed impossible gives me a lot of energy.

What makes you tick? On my days off you can find me lying on the ground in the forests with my camera, making portraits of insects for hours. I find it challenging and relaxing at the same time and it gives me a nice break from sitting behind the computer all day at work. Besides macro photography I also like to release some energy with sports, by training karate and going to the gym.

Aristides Mendoza


Suraj Bechan


Acelya Özkan


Jeremy Krishan


Wouter Daan



Sybrand's Place works for three brands: Stiho, Giebels and Baars & Bloemhoff.

Stiho and Giebels serve our customers in construction, Baars & Bloemhoff serves our customers in interior design.

We develop the companies’ digital development. Both back-end, front-end and UX design. Our Intershop platform makes it possible to do so. We are planning to develop apps.


Stiho is a construction material wholesaler at heart. There are 16 stores throughout the country, so there is always a store close by. Stiho has a comprehensive line of products meeting the requirements of the professional contractor. Employees offer a consistently high level of prompt, friendly and personalized customer service. Stiho believes in cooperation and partnership.

Giebels is an ironware and tool wholesaler. There are 13 stores throughout the country. Giebels can be found in one of the 11 Stiho-‘bouwpleinen’.

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Baars & Bloemhoff

Well-made interiors in shops, offices, the catering sector, healthcare institutions and other public areas trigger our enthousiasm.

We aim to inspire interior designers with the latest trends on decorative panels. In addition, we help interior designers to become even more successful by providing accurate advice and by delivering the ordered materials on time and in good order.

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Curious about Sybrand’s Place? Think you are capable of unravelling consumer insights?

Itching to take our e-commerce solutions next level? Let your voice be heard and give us a call!


Back-End Developer (Senior)

A Senior Back-end Developer at Sybrand's Place is a team player to the max. You are wildly enthusiastic about developing software for e-commerce projects. We work with the Intershop framework, which offers plenty of room for innovation and taking initiative. Along with your team you take our e-commerce platform to a higher level. We are demanding, but that doesn’t scare you. The benefits make it worth it!

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Back-End Developer (Medior)

A Medior Back-end Developer at Sybrand's Place is a team player to the max. You are wildly enthusiastic about developing software for e-commerce projects. We work with the Intershop framework, which offers plenty of room for innovation and taking initiative. Along with your team you take our e-commerce platform to a higher level. We are demanding, but that doesn’t scare you. The benefits make it worth it!

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